The Equipment

The Coach

Well, first, we start with Stitch the 22 year old fully restored golf cart above. It was completely disassembled¬† down to the last nut and bolt by Adam at Pellegrin’s Golf Carts in Chavin, LA. The frame was sent to a blast shop to strip off any rust and then painted with black automotive paint. Stitch got 6 brand new hearts and four fat offroad shoes mounted on customs wheels. He got a new motor, seats, a custom steering wheel, head and tail lights, stereo radio, running lights, flag poles, trailer hitch, custom foot rest, rear drink holders and lifted 6 inches so he could run with the big boys. He sports a custom color $500 a quart paint job; he shines brighter than a new penny., which was all that was left in the bank account when he rolled out of the shop.

The Dog Harness

The dogs wear a well padded training harness that is padded in every pressure load point to protect their skin, while the breathable air mesh helps keep them comfortable.¬† The dog harnesses are adjustable to fit each each like a glove. They are a “no pull design” and¬† yet appear to be rugged. This dog harness has over 10,000 positive reviews and yet it’s on the lower end of the price range. And the best part, they match PaPa’s cowboy coat.

Tactile Dog Training Harness